Me at 199

Me at 199
A journey toward fitness and good health

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Year 2016 - 2020

Well today is 2/29/2016. The leap year day only comes around every four years. Where was I weight wise 4 years ago?

If I want to drop 100 pounds to get to 183 as apposed to 283 that really only boils down to about one half a pound for every week.

That would be about 25 pounds a year. How could I not do that a pound of fat weight supposedly comprises of 3500 extra calories. Divide that in half and you have 1750 calories. Divide that into 7 and you get exactly 250 calories deficient a day to lose 100 pounds in four years.

Two less sodas a day. One less cheeseburger a day. Or even better yet. Break it down to whatever you eat for dinner... Serve yourself and then eat half. Then stop and sit in front of it for five minutes saying to yourself;

"You know what? I am really full." Then throw the rest away. You are then telling your subconscious that you were so satisfied you could waste the food.

This one technique was/is a powerful tool since it was a very bad thing to waste good food.

Use today as a mile post and hopefully on 2/29/2020 you can look back as I will and see how far you have come.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Back at it starting at 281

Not much new to say than here we go a walking again. 181 would be optimal. 281 is the facts so how hard could it be? It is just the change of ONLY ONE NUMBER! 

I will walk
I will swim and
I will write down everything I eat

It works for me. Oh and limit the carbs very low. Then it is just a matter of time. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

267 and it is working!

Well we'll just all agree that past results do guide us well on our  journey to get fit. Writing down everything I eat and not allowing myself to eat after 8PM everyday plus working out every single day.  I have lost ten pounds in ten days. I feel solo much. Stated and what a great start to this lifestyle change. It has been a bIt challenging but the rewards are so worth it.

I hope this inspires others. I have been inspired by some local people who have lost considerable weight and kept it off. Several things in common with al of them: everyone that is healthy is working out consistently eating properly and it is really a lifestyle change. I am doing well.  Keep it up!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

277---->199 do over

Time to make it down to my supposed perfect body weight

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heading in the right direction. Work more = eat less

I don't have a picture of the weight this morning as it isn't a Sunday, but it showed under 276.

I have not been so awesome portion control as I have just been busy, and that helps to first keep the mind off of eating and then doesn't allow time for eating too often. I do need to break the habit of being good through the day but then eating in the evening late.

I have never subscribed to it but a friend of mine who's whole family is and has always been thin, does this religiously, they just don't eat after 8 PM, period. (Although my friend never had any problem drinking beer and alcohol after that time... ). But I won't cast dispersions, he's the skinny one and I am the heavy one.


Have a great day, and remember you are not the only one who is challenged by losing weight. But like many others you can take it off in a realistic healthy way and then learn to keep it off, every step in the right direction gets you that much closer. If you can't move forward, at least make sure you don't take any steps back. You didn't get to the weight that you are overnight so don't expect to lose it all so quickly.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Oh well

So much for the fast. I did ok but then later in the day I was HUNGRY! So I ate a big dinner but over the course of the day I only ate half the calories I usually eat. So that is good.
Calories cut that is great. Just because I made a misstep in the wrong direction doesn't mean I didn't make any progress. It is important to be compassionate with ourselves. Not needed to be judgmental with ourselves

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Starting fast

Lets see how this works. Well I was able to post from my ipod.

Just watched a show last night about fasting. I have been thinking about this for a while. There was a guy on PBS who did a four day fast (three days and four nights) and he cut down some important numbers in his body. But there was the other fasts like every other day you would restricted intake to 500-600 calories, maybe eat one light meal and then the next day you ate what you would like to. Or the 5/2 fast which was 5 days regular and 2 days 500-600 calories.

I believe it is has something to do with our metabolism but also giving the body a chance to do something other than digesting and storing fat.

The very best weight loss I did was when I wrote everything down that I ate and approximated the calories. Well you know what, I am certain I was 100% incorrect in my approximations, but it doesn't really matter, what mattered is that I tried to cut down my eating volume, so weather I measure in pounds, calories, ounces, stones, micrograms, or whatever, I still was able to cut down on my amounts and was culpable to myself. It worked. I also was walking, for some reason. I can swim all year long. In fact I swam over 110 miles last year! I will say I was much stronger and my endurance is awesome, but fat loss, not so much. Am I glad I did it, yes I am.

But I think I am going to concentrate on doing a fast, for however long I am going to do it and then see what happens.

My body certainly can handle it. I have plenty of reserves.

279.... hmmmmm... well  had I not been conscious of my weight all this time I bet I would be over 300 lbs by now. So have I done well? I have done better than I could have, but I  have lots of room to get better.